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Questions & Answers

These are some of the frequently asked questions we get

No more back and forth phone calls and overpaying with the “big guys” – we make it easy! Call, text, email, or use our handy scheduler above to reserve a dumpster for your next project.

We Happily Will Take:
Construction Materials
Carpet / Flooring
Roofing Materials
Your Ex-Boy Friends Hat Collection
Stuff You Just Don’t Need Anymore!

Hazardous Waste, Asbestos, Chemicals, Oils, Fuels, Pesticides, Acids, or Paints, Cleaners or degreasers, Radioactive materials, Explosives, Septic Tank Plumbing, Raw Sewage or Sludge, Semisolids, Infectious waste, Tires, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, TVs, or Computer Monitors.

We would prefer that there is someone available upon delivery – we will do our best to put the dumpster in a desirable location for the customer, provided the driver can safely maneuver. If no one is available at the requested delivery time, the driver will place the dumpster in the most accessible location.

We do our best to carefully deliver and pick up these dumpsters, but they are, of course, very heavy. If you are worried about a specific area of your property where the dumpster will be dropped, we suggest laying down a large piece of plywood. Rolling Operations is not responsible for any damages to the surface where a dumpster may be located, but we will do our best to accommodate all needs.

As much as you want – but you can not stack higher than the side of the dumpster.

Easy! We take cash, company check, or credit and debit cards. We can send you a preliminary invoice or accept payment over the phone before dropping off the dumpster. If you are paying in cash or company check, initial payment will be due upon delivery of the dumpster. We will follow up with an additional invoice if the waste is over one ton.

We have worked hard to create an efficient business model in order to price ourselves so much lower than the competition. Upon comparison, we feel that all of our customers are getting a discount!

We typically pick the dumpster up at the end of the scheduled pickup date, or when you call and tell us it is ready.

We recommend that everyone talk to their insurance agent before renting equipment! Especially some of the larger items like a skid steer or mini excavator. But we do offer incident coverage which will cover 10x the amount applied in damages to equipment.

We do require rented equipment be operated by someone 21 or older. We will ask for a valid ID at the time equipment is dropped off or pickup at our site. 

The only additional fees added to equipment rentals include the incident coverage for individuals that are not insured through a company. We also will follow up with a fuel charge for any fuel that was used in a machine during the rental period. But that is all!

We do offer junk removal and curbside pickup! But prices vary and are seperate from our regular dumpster rentals! Call anytime for a quote, big or small jobs welcome.